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Sound Off

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  • Sep. 09, 2017 - 4:18 PM

Come on, GDOT, we need two left turn lanes from Bullsboro onto Amlajack. The lane is there - just need to paint over the striped area. How hard is that? Just go sit out there during rush hour - get three or four trucks in the left turn lane and it blocks the left lane on Bullsboro. If you can do it at Bullsboro and the bypass, you can do it at Amlajack.

It amazes me that some people actually believe that Donald Trump, Franklin Graham, and Joel Osteen are Christians. Obviously they don't grasp the concept.

The Lake Redwine property manager and board are doing a great job trying to fix the issues caused by years of the neighborhood being poorly self-managed. Instead of complaining, get informed and get involved.

Saying Sen. David Perdue supports the middle class because he was the CEO of Dollar General for four years is absurd. He supports billionaires and big business and is out of touch with the needs of average Georgians. The rich get richer with Sen. Perdue.

Have you ever asked yourself why we have Democrats in Congress? They do nothing but pontificate, complain and bloviate enough hot air to impact climate change, while the middle class continues to flounder economically due to many of their policies.

If all Confederate monuments are to be taken down, then take down every monument of Martin Luther King. After all, he's what started all this.