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Sound Off

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Sep. 07, 2017 - 10:32 PM

So we are being told that there is no shortage of gas and no crisis. Yet the gas stations/producers again use the loophole to increase prices rapidly, sometimes three times a day and by more than 10 cents at once. Shameful and disgusting. Because I am sure that later this year, again, they will tell us they made record profits.

I agree all Confederate monuments should be replaced with baby pacifiers to honor all crybaby liberals who can't get over the last election.

The college students intending to remove all images of slaveholders have set themselves a monumental task. It’s not just Mount Rushmore, Stone Mountain, and all those bucolic court squares. Think of London, Paris, Milan and Rome. A disturbingly high percentage of world sculpture depicts slaveholders, and some of those images in the Middle East are truly massive.

So I'm all prepared, handful of dollar bills in my car to put into the buff young firemen's boots. They are not collecting this Labor Day weekend. What's up? So disappointed.

I love downtown Newnan. Lots of people shopping the Arts & Crafts Fair. Beautiful day. Great Labor Day.

Please go by Ray Park on Spring Street and Ray Circle. This is an amazingly beautiful little park, just blocks from downtown Newnan.

If Trump was molded by God for president and some people are trying to make him out as saint, would someone tell me what he has done so far that is so great? Maybe we should erect a statue of him around the old courthouse.

Anytime a person breaking the rules gets a pass, the people that follow the rules get a slap in the face.