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Sound Off

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Sep. 06, 2017 - 10:25 PM

Mr. Reagan’s column “The Follies of Appeasement” was impressive and could also be applied to the removal of Confederal memorials. What will be the next demand?

Dump Trump, kick him in the rump. A little bit of Susan Brown goes a long way. Dump her, too. John McCain, now there’s a real American hero.

If Trump bans Muslim immigrants, they can just claim to be Christians. You know, just like Republicans do.

Houston mayor: Good thing he is a black liberal Democrat. If he were a white, Trump-supporting Christian, the liberal media would be yelling KKK, white supremacist, racist, etc for telling people to stay home instead of evacuate. But he gets a free pass on stupidity.

Who is Gutzon Borglum? He is an American sculptor who began the work on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota by completing the heads of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Earlier, he carved Confederate leaders in bas-relief on the face of Stone Mountain. Now you want to remove it? No.

Donald Trump may say that he wants to make America great again, but his actions are taking us in an entirely different direction.

If as Susan Brown and others say, God picks the presidents, then what have I been voting for all these years? If he picked Trump, then he must have picked Obama.

It gives me a chuckle to think about all the black students who walk past a statue of a Southern racist to get an education. I imagine each one saying, "You lost; I'm winning." Perhaps some might be saying, "Just stand there and watch what I am going to accomplish next." Don't remove the statues. Laugh at them.