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Sixth-grader looks at greed

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  • Sep. 27, 2017 - 10:43 PM

Greedy People:

When they receive something they say, “what else?’

When giving something, they want something back/

When receiving something for no reason,

They say, ‘Next time, can I get something else?”

Instead of being grateful, they wish they had more,

And when they are asked to do something,

They have a fight before they do it.

They always ask more more not less.

They barely even clean up their own mess.

What bugs me the post is when the don’t say “you’re welcome”

Or “thank you”

If you do more than two of these things.

Just know there is a pleasant Man and His Son above.

Their names are God and Jesus.

And a greedy man down below our feet.

His name is Satan.

They are always watching

So do the things you need to do.

Use manners

And kindness

Because there are people out there

Who wish they were in your place.

Aleah Smith

Sixth grade