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Restaurant inspections

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Sep. 30, 2017 - 7:25 AM

Restaurant inspections

The Newnan Times-Herald

The Coweta Board of Environmental Health inspects all Coweta restaurants, schools and businesses that serve food several times each year.

Food inspections can be conducted during any hours of operation or whenever food is being prepped in the permitted establishment. Inspections are made at varying times to ensure that the food service rules and regulations are being followed. Some establishments have hours after 5 p.m., therefore inspections will be conducted when risk factors can be observed for compliance. Inspectors wear hairnets during checks to protect the food, which is also a requirement for those working around open food.

Using a 41-category checklist, an environmental health specialist checks compliance in safe handling of food, proper disposal of garbage, and other areas.

El Taquito, 1389 S. Hwy. 29, Newnan -- was inspected on Aug. 30 and received a score of 90-A. Inspector’s comments: Lettuce 48.2F, guacamole 47.6F, ham 49.3F stored in prep top cooler; new violation.

Hampton Inn, 50 Hampton Way, Newnan -- was inspected on Sept. 1 and received a score of 83-B. Inspector’s comments: Observed temperature control for safety foods (TCS) held above 41F. See temperature list for specific food items; new violation. Observed broken thermometer in freezer; new violation. Seal sugar once opened. Leave cups in plastic sleeve stored in wire rack for customer self-service; new violation.

Jamaican Delight Caribbean Cuisine, 2235 E. Hwy. 34, Newnan-- was inspected on Sept. 6 and received a score of 90-A. Inspector’s comments: Shell eggs stored on ready-to-eat foods. Moved to lower cooler shelf during inspection; corrected on-site. No tissue in ladies room; new violation.

Johnny’s Pizza, 1899 Newnan Crossing Blvd. E, Newnan -- was inspected on Aug. 30 and received a score of 96-A. Inspector’s comments: Chemical spray bottles stored with oil and tea, unlabeled chemical spray bottle; new violation.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 398 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan -- was inspected on Sept. 5 and received a score of 85-B. Inspector’s comments: Observed buildup on cooler gasket. Unprotected cups stored on front counter near register; repeat violation. Boxes of single-service items stored on floor; repeat violation.