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Open sessions addressing impact of population, student growth in Coweta County

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Sep. 20, 2017 - 9:26 PM

Open sessions addressing impact of population, student growth in Coweta County

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As Coweta County’s population is expected to increase by 100,000 by 2040, discussions regarding the impact on schools are currently being addressed.

This week, the first of the Coweta County School System’s two “Community Conversations” to discuss future school growth were held at Madras and Arnall Middle Schools.

Four more will be held, including one at Lee Middle School this evening at 6:30.

Coweta citizens and parents of Coweta County School System students are invited to attend the open sessions, which present data about current and anticipated future growth trends in Coweta schools, and solicit attendees’ ideas about how best to meet the needs of enrollment growth and facilities planning.

The meetings are being facilitated by the consulting group Education Planners LLC. The group’s public presentation and collected data can be found on the school system’s website at

Parents from all elementary, middle and high schools and interested citizens are being urged to attend a meeting to contribute their ideas about solutions to increased growth at county schools.

At the first two meetings, James Wilson of Education Planners outlined several local data trends that indicate increased students enrollment growth in county schools.  

He noted for attendees that Coweta County’s growth is projected by the Atlanta Regional Commission to increase by nearly 100,000 residents by 2040, with attendant impact on Coweta County schools.

Attendees at the meetings have discussed a number of possible approaches to meeting the needs of school growth, including new school construction, school additions, attendance districts and several innovative recommendations.

Education Planners has been tasked by the school system with developing data for school enrollment projections, current housing and population trends, school facility assessments, available acreage, site plans, assessing school feeder patterns, and comparing Coweta County to similar districts and schools.

The Community Conversations are intended to share findings and to gather community input and suggestions to develop recommendations for facilities planning to the Superintendent and the Coweta County Board of Education.

The upcoming Community Conversation meetings include:

Thursday, Sept. 21 - Lee Middle School

Monday, Sept. 25 - Evans Middle School

Tuesday, Sept. 26 - Smokey Road Middle School

Thursday, Sept. 28 - East Coweta Middle School

All meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the schools’ cafeterias.  Although they are being held in Coweta’s six public middle schools, all interested community members and parents from any Coweta County elementary, middle or high school can participate in any meeting.