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It’s time for us to build that playground

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Sep. 23, 2017 - 12:03 AM

My wife, Lynn, and I recently made a memorial contribution – in honor of Minnie Robinson – to the NTH Playground Fund.

Minnie, the longtime director of the local Community Action for Improvement office, was all about helping people who really needed help. Children, the handicapped and older folks had a special place in her heart.

Lynn and I have given donations to this project earlier. We gave in honor of our grandchildren, Clair Lynn and Quinn Kight and Rohan Sreeram. For me, part of that gift hearkens back to my own childhood.

As the oldest child, I experienced much of my parents’ economic rise – Dad went to college after I came along – but I never felt anything but secure. I always had a safe place to play, plenty of time to enjoy friends and to use my imagination.

Every child should have that. When we took Clair Lynn and Quinn to Disney World, I was struck that one of their favorite places was the “waiting area” at the Dumbo Ride. It’s a playground. They also enjoyed swings and slides at Lane’s near Fort Valley and at Stephen Foster State Park in north Florida.

When we make it out to California, I always find time to take Rohan to the nearby park to slide down the slide, swing and maybe even go see the ducks at the pond.

The Newnan Times-Herald is spearheading the effort to put a playground at the Howard Warner Community Center. Many of the children in that neighborhood do not have access to a playground. They may not have grandparents who can drive them to a park, or parents with resources to provide a play area at home.

With the playground at Howard Warner, we give more than just a slide and a swing. We give a bit of what childhood should be – carefree, fun, free-flowing.

The fund seems to be stuck at about half of what the $70,000 project cost. At The Times-Herald, we had originally planned to run this fund drive through Sept. 1, but it is now extended through at least Oct. 2.

In just six weeks, our community came up with  $172,500 for the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society to purchase their first shelter building. This is certainly a worthwhile project, and I glad to see those hard-working folks making progress toward their goal of caring for unwanted animals.

Surely the same caring community can come up with $35,000 to give some children a better childhood.

Send a gift in memory of someone who loved children or in honor of  a child. Heck, just send a check remembering the joy of your own childhood – or how it could have been if some people had cared a little more.

Checks payable to CCF may be sent to NTH Playground Fund, Coweta Community Foundation, P.O. Box 236, Newnan, GA 30264.

Donations can also be made online using a credit card. When donating online, be sure to specify the Howard Warner Playground Fund. The site is:

Winston Skinner is the news editor of The Newnan Times-Herald.