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Tax hike is egregious

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  • Aug. 02, 2017 - 3:10 AM

Coweta County is considering a property tax increase of 8.6 percent on top of the overall property valuation hikes for this year. Now we hear of another tax increase on top of that. For seniors and others on fixed incomes this is truly egregious.

County government has decided they want to expand police and fire services. The county has applied for a federal grant that will cover 75 percent of the personnel costs for the new fire and EMS positions for two years, and 35 percent for the third year. But what happens after the third year? Will county government hit us with another tax increase to make up the deficit?

Coweta County’s tax digest has grown because of rising property values (property values determined by government no less), and yet it is not enough. Government has an insatiable voracity to seize money from citizens under one guise or another.

Government habitually entices companies to relocate to the area with huge tax advantages, and then seeks to burden the citizenry with the deficiency. Why does local government want to create a Cobb or Gwinnett situation in Coweta? I don’t recall any ballot measure asking the voters if we want increased housing density, more traffic, higher taxes, or greater drains on our resources.  

Instead government promised a quality corridor (then granted variance after variance in violation to the regulations). Government promised future homes must be built with one acre of land per house, then grants modifications in opposition to it.

Government should stop funding non-essential activities and re-direct resources to what most folks want: Schools and public safety. Charities are better sources for social support than government. Government taxation is a huge monkey on the backs of hard working citizens and needs to be shaken off.

Ken Schaefer