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Students share opinions on summer reading

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  • Aug. 10, 2017 - 6:43 AM

The six-dozen or so elementary students who participated in the Aug. 5 summer reading celebration at the Carnegie Library were asked to give their opinions on a book they had read.

Here are the best in the two categories, early grades and upper grades, as judged by Walter Jones, publisher of The Newnan Times-Herald.

Newnan Mayor Keith Brady was present to offer encouragement in the Mayor Brady Rocks Reading program as were several volunteers.

All of the participants made a written and an oral review. The oral reviews were posted online, and the winning entries are printed below as part of NTH’s sponsorship of the contest. NTH also presented gift bags to the winners.

Evie Moss

Sixth grade at Smokey Road Middle School

“Raymie Nightingale,” by Kate DiCamillo

This is a fantastic read. Great for any age.

I really like this book because it helps a young girl figure out what is really important. After her father left, she tries to get him back through a contest. When practicing, she discovers new friends. Together they adventure.

She then finds her true happiness.

This is definitely worth your time to read.

Gabby Rine

Fifth grade at Elm Street Elementary School

“Pippi Longstocking,” by Astrid Lindgren

My opinion is that this book is very entertaining.

It is about Tommy and his sister (who) have a new neighbor named Pippi Longstocking. I really liked how the book was so descriptive on how Pippi looked. For example, the book said that she had crazy red pigtails.

I really liked how the book kept me interested and made me want to read more.

Ella Morris

Fourth grade at Jefferson Parkway Elementary School

“The Three Questions,” by Jon J. Muth

I like this book because it teaches a lesson about being a kind person. The pictures are nicely done in watercolor. The story was very emotional and interesting. The characters were done very well with their dialog, too.

Kate Sears

Third grade at Elm Street Elementary School

“I Am Not Going to Get Up Today,” by Dr. Seuss

I like this book because I do not like getting up. If anyone tries to wake him up, they can’t. The alarm goes off, the birds peep, his bed is warm, pillows deep. Nothing can wake him up at all. Even ice cream sundaes could not wake him up. Also, a party parade, the police, too. The party parade had all sorts of animals.

India Camp

Third grade at Elm Street Elementary School

“Ivy + Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go,” by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall

I thought that this book was a good book because it is make-believe and it was interesting. I also liked this book because it was about ghosts, and that is why I like it.

Allie Rine

Second grade at Elm Street Elementary School

“The Ice Cream King,” by Steve Metzger

The mom took the boy to the ice cream shop. And the boy got a crown. He thought he was the ice cream king. And he had an ice cream castle. And that’s my opinion.