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  • Aug. 12, 2017 - 9:51 PM

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We already have "faceless, unelected bureaucrats deciding, based on their own personal subjective judgment, 'the level of productivity' in society and whether or not you are worthy of health care.” They’re medical insurance employees.

To opinion writer Lucas Pepperdine: You wrote, "We'll regret the slide to a single-payer system.” I notice you are a retiree. Are you not on Medicare? FYI, Medicare is a "single-payer system"; if you regret being enrolled in Medicare, all you have to do is opt out. – Dennis Thompson

What's with these people running red lights? I was going to Home Depot the other day and watched eight cars (four in each lane) run the red light. Newnan police and Georgia State Patrol should sit at the bypass and Bullsboro and catch people running the light.

Kudos to the NTH for publishing the political cartoon showing President Trump crawling out of a sewer grate in NYC. While I'm sure it offends many of my conservative friends, I promise you that I was offended more times than I can count with the obscene cartoons published by the NTH of President Obama during his presidency.

Civil War: The left says we are on the verge of a civil war. Well the right wing has 8 trillion bullets. The left wing cannot figure out which restroom to use. So who do you think will win?

Do people really know how stupid they look with all those tattoos spread across their bodies? Yuk. You look stupid- really, really stupid.

When you drive east on Hwy. 34 and come to the traffic light at the Sullivan Road/Baker Road crossing, you have a flashing yellow, left-turn arrow when the other lights are red. This is misleading because you don't know the opposite lanes have a green light. Dangerous.

Al Gore and all these liberal millionaires living in big mansions, private yachts and jets telling us to use LED light bulbs, drive less, take the bus or subway, while they cause more pollution than any of us little people ever could.

Since when has our society allowed disturbed people to replace moral values with sex, violence, drugs and fascism? We tuned out, I guess, and now our young must pay the price because we let the wicked teach them and mold them. One Example: Teen Vogue Magazine, 11-17 year olds; "Anal Sex Guide." Heartbreaking.