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Sound Off

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  • Aug. 06, 2017 - 1:17 AM

It is tragic that this little boy drowned at the day camp, and no way I can imagine the pain that his family feels. This is a nightmare for them. But this little boy's parents chose to send him to a camp that was not licensed or registered with the state, and there are reasons that licenses are required for child care centers, camps, schools, etc.

I understand that the plan for Arnco access to Hwy. 16/U.S. Alt. 27 is to consolidate the Main Street and Lower Glover Road and the one in between them (near Witcher Road) entries to a single location at Witcher Road. I can see that. I also understand that there is no plan for a traffic light. If this is correct, I must ask- are you trying to kill someone?

So the county com- missioners want to raise taxes? Maybe because they recently bought a million dollar payroll system? If your idea is to hire more cops, maybe you could start by paying the ones you have more money to stay.

No work should be done on the proposed bridge to nowhere on Herring Road until a bridge is built at the intersection of U.S. 29 and GA 154. This intersection is a major traffic problem in north Coweta and needs to be addressed yesterday.

I found one bottle in a refrigerated six-pack of diet cola was half-frozen at well above 32 degrees. The other five looked normal. There are industrial chemicals that can raise the freezing point of water-based liquids, such as diet cola. Obviously, I discarded this apparently contaminated bottle.

Democrats are quite pleased with Obamacare. They just want working- class Republicans to pay for it.

Hey, I haven’t amounted to much what with no education and zero ambition, but I do have a Harley- Davidson shirt and loud pipes on my bike cuz I’m starved for attention – so back off.

City cars, new and used, in lots and lots and on roads, along with anonymous white trucks of builders and contractors building on lots of new, too- dense housing lots, eating up our green spaces to draw more people with cars and big-rig trucks. Are we losing our sense of home, leaders? Ah, when real estate and growth becomes king.