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Quads visit delivery doctor

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  • Aug. 18, 2017 - 8:59 AM

Quads visit delivery doctor

courtesy of piedmont newnan

Some youngsters do not like to go to the doctor, but that clearly is not true of the Miller quadruplets. The four infants, born Dec. 16, 2016 at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, recently were taken by the mom, Kortney Miller, on a surprise visit to her obstetrical gynecologist,  Dr. Heather Turner. The four enjoyed snuggling with the doctor.  “They've all grown so much and developed their own personalities,” mom said. “They love eating their fingers and toes, being active, holding their own bottles and have everyone wrapped around their little fingers.” Two of the children are rolling over. “Brayden is trying to crawl. Bryant is pulling up, and Brandon and Kenlee want all the attention. For first words, Brayden and Brandon say 'dada,' Bryant says 'momma,' and Kenlee just babbles,” Kortney Miller said.