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Provocateurs dupe innocents

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  • Aug. 23, 2017 - 5:55 AM

The enemy is evil in three forms: racism, poverty, and war (Herman Cain quoting Andrew Young and Martin Luther King, Jr. on WSB on 8/18/2017). Law-abiding citizens should not permit themselves to be conned into a battle. Evil is deceitful and may utilize violence.

Protesters are often paid individuals who are recruited by ads on Craigslist or other websites. The far left and the far right may employ demonstrators for the purpose of promoting extreme political beliefs with anarchy as their ultimate goal. Anarchists have been active in our country since the early 20th century.

No citizen wants to get drawn into a violent confrontation with or alongside extremists. A citizen's failure to "stand up" for beliefs in a public venue will not erode their values, such as First Amendment rights, when the venue is not of the citizen's own choosing.

Paid provocateurs welcome attention. They want a public forum and violence to erupt among citizens.

These provocateurs and anarchists are in the minority. They are not deserving of an audience. Innocents with good intentions may be duped and play into the hands of the provocateurs, unknowingly.

Our nation is strong because we have the run of law, not mob rule. Citizens can express their beliefs by doing what each individual can to combat racism, poverty, and war, all great evils of our time.

Gail Churchill