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Overby’s qualities should be celebrated

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  • Aug. 31, 2017 - 5:43 AM

A letter to the editor urging removal of the William Thomas Overby monument is, at best, hypocritical. If the author wants to remove any monuments, he may want to start with General Custer, the Union officer who ordered Overby’s hanging, or General Sheridan, Custer’s commander.

Custer’s violation of Indian women during the Plains Wars, as well as his ordering the liquidation of whole villages, women and children included, is well documented. During the ‘64 Valley Campaign, Sheridan bragged about burning over 1,000 homes and farms. Sheridan also gave Indians disease-laden blankets so as to more efficiently practice ethnic cleansing.

Overby, the Nathan Hale of the Confederacy, was fighting to defend home and hearth against an invading army. He gave his life for his “band of brothers.” Those are qualities we should all celebrate.

One reason our nation came together after the War Between the States was that the federal government generally honored heroism on both sides.

I would submit that, as a nation, we would do much better to work toward reconciliation as opposed to rewriting history.

-Warren Budd