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God molded Trump

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  • Aug. 31, 2017 - 5:47 AM

In response to the Susan Brown article haters by so-called Christians, you either believe in God and Bible or you don’t.


Romans 13:1-2; Daniel 2:21, 2:37-38; John 19:11; 1 Peter 2:13-14; Isaiah 45:1, Romans: 13-6; 1 Timothy 2:2. There are many more passages about God choosing his kings and kingdoms. So, again, you can believe in God or not.


But to those who denounce him, well, that too is written in the Bible. The last president created more chaos, crime, hate and division in this country than ever before. Have you ever thought maybe that was the shakeup we needed? Maybe, we need a strong leader. Maybe we need to praise God and thank him for our many blessings than to denounce Him as so many now do.


Google Donald Trump interviews from over 25 years ago with Oprah, CNN, etc., and you might find them quite interesting. God has been molding that spoiled, self-entitled, pompous muck for many, many years. Donald finally caved in because of his belief in God and country.


We all say and do things we shouldn’t. I know I sure have, but when those whispers get louder and louder, you just got to say, “yes” to God or “no” to God. It took me over 45 crazy, chaotic years. I’m so glad He did not give up on me.

Pam Kupfner