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Gillett headed to Las Vegas

  • By Jeff Armstrong
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  • Aug. 09, 2017 - 5:54 AM

Former Jimmy John’s delivery driver Tyler Gillett of Newnan kept his amazing run at “American Ninja Warrior” going Monday night, finishing seventh out of the 30 athletes who competed at the Daytona Beach City Finals, and he now will head to the upcoming National Finals in Las Vegas.

Unlike Gillett’s Daytona qualifying run back in June, he didn’t finish the course this time. This course was much harder than June’s ANW Daytona obstacle course, as he had to complete 10 obstacles just to get the chance to punch the buzzer, signaling the run’s finish.

Gillett still had a great run Monday night. He made it past the first eight obstacles, which were the Floating Steps, Rolling Pin, Wing Nuts, Broken Bridge, Rolling Thunder, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder and the Giant Cubes.

The obstacle that took Gillett out was the Circuit Board, an extremely hard maze where competitors had to take huge pegs and navigate through three phases while hanging in the air. The arm-tiring event was followed by the final obstacle called the Elevator Climb.

Gillett got past the first phase of the Circuit Board, but his arms grew weary on the second phase, and he fell into the pool of water, ending his night. But since he made it to the Circuit Board with a pretty fast time of 3:47.60, he was one of 15 competitors who advanced to Las Vegas.

The National Finals will be held after all the city final races are complete – the next two weeks will be the Cleveland City Finals (Aug. 14) and the Kansas City City Finals (Aug. 21).

During the National Finals, the contestants will try to conquer four increasingly difficult stages known as “Mount Midoriyama.” The fourth and final stage is a 75-foot rope climb in which the contestants must ascend it and hit the buzzer in 30 seconds or less to win the National Finals. The National Finals winner will net a $1 million prize.