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Family pet killed

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  • Aug. 03, 2017 - 6:22 AM

To the evil miscreants who drove their brown pickup truck (Chevy Colorado or GMC) in our cul-de-sac yesterday and intentionally ran over and killed my neighbor’s dog on Saturday, July 29, I want to say a few things. This assumes you have the brain cells to comprehend. It’s obvious you don’t have a heart or soul, so the presence of brains is highly unlikely.

I want you to know that you killed a beloved family pet. Her name was Izzy. She was well-known and loved by all of us here. I also want you to know it was their daughter’s birthday, so you made it a birthday she’ll never forget, for all the wrong reasons. Add to that, one of their sons is struggling with the fact that his other, older dog is in ailing health, so you accelerated his pain with the untimely loss of his younger, healthy pet.

You should also know that what you did was witnessed by a friend who was there for the child’s party. She saw Izzy a full car length ahead of you, clearly visible in the street. She saw the completely open left side of the road you could’ve easily used to go around the dog. Instead, you hit the gas and drove over her like she was nothing. You didn’t even stop.

When the Mom ran out and saw you slowing up the hill and yelled at you, you took off like the craven cowards you are. In a residential neighborhood, on a cul de sac, in broad daylight, in front of kids playing in the yard, you ran down the family pet. It was no accident. Your faces were seen; the complete make of your vehicle was noted; your license plate tag number is also known.

If there’s any justice, the sheriff’s office will serve you with warrants for animal cruelty and anything else they can slap on your sorry self as the driver as well as the blonde riding shotgun. Was she OK with all this? Maybe it was her idea?

Rest in peace, dear Izzy. You were always a happy part of my day, one that made me smile. Even though you weren’t mine, I’ll still miss you. I wrote this for you.

Robin Stewart