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Trump should welcome an investigation

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  • Jul. 06, 2017 - 6:11 AM

I keep hearing from the right that there is no "proof" of collusion with the Russians in regards to the Russian intervention in the last presidential election. Proof comes from evidence; evidence comes from investigation, and investigation comes from clues. Example: a woman is found shot to death; her husband lies about his alibi; the husband owns a gun; the husband has a girlfriend, and the husband takes out a million dollar policy on his wife the week before the murder. There is no "proof" the husband killed his wife, but there are clues that deserve investigation.

Maybe the husband lied because he was with his girlfriend. Maybe his gun is found not to be the murder weapon, and maybe the policy was only a coincidence, but an investigation was warranted. If I were the husband, and I was innocent, I would get me a lawyer, but I would welcome an investigation to clear my name.

If Trump and his team have done no wrong, they have nothing to worry about. So, why does he keep trying to delay and obstruct the investigation? He should cooperate fully and get it over with as soon as possible.

Questions: Why did as many as six members of Trump’s team meet secretly with Russians and then lie about it and fail to disclose it on security clearance forms? Why has Trump refused to acknowledge that the Russians did hack to the election and at least try to influence the election when 17 highly regarded national security agencies, and almost all other Republicans accept it? Why has Trump cosied up to Putin, a known murderer and oligarch, who is acting against the best interest of the U.S. Does Putin have something on Trump? Is he blackmailing Trump?

Let's find out; Trump should cooperate.


Dennis Thompson