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  • Jul. 04, 2017 - 11:17 PM

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I don't suppose the powers-that-be might consider putting off Phase 2 of the Madras Connector until, oh let's say, 2025?


So why didn’t Coweta County send letters to all of those property owners when the project was in the planning phase? It has their names and addresses. Sure looks like the county did not want public involvement in the planning process.


It sure looks like what Coweta County has is a failure to communicate.

To the person that wrote that the only thing Trump has accomplished was that he dealt with interior design by getting rid of those (and I quote) “tacky gold drapes.” They must not pay much attention because those are the same drapes former President Obama stood in front of.


Comrade Bernie Sanders is pushing his “free for everyone” medical program. Comrade Sanders should be on notice that we the citizens of the United States of America are not interested in becoming communist.


Do you think more people would be helped with a high-rise parking lot than a running trail? Not having enough parking downtown is a good thing, but if we put a bigger parking lot on the Ellis Arnall Parking Lot (just one block off of the Square), it might be better. People are crowding downtown daytime and at night.


I, for one, can't wait to buy ice cream from our new Ice Cream Man downtown! Good piece, Newnan Times-Herald on Aaron Fountain’s dream.


I'm surprised at the number of high-speed chases lately on Bullsboro, but even more so that none of them have ended in fatalities. This speaks well of our local law enforcement officers. Thank you for always keeping a cool head in the midst of dangerous circumstances.


I would like to thank the two good Samaritans who saw I was having trouble with an elderly woman who had fallen on the sidewalk on my street. They stopped and helped me. They sat the lady up for me as I waited for the ambulance to arrive. There are still good people in this world. Thanks again, Margaret.


We do not worship government; we worship God. How many times did Obama mention Christianity while in office? How about none? The Johnson Amendment is gone; if you did not like Trump Saturday night, you probably are not American, and you are in the wrong country.


We should not spend a cent on the Madras Connector or any other road project until a bridge is constructed over the railroad at U.S. 29 and Ga. 154/Sharpsburg/McCollum.


I resent seeing Ivanka Trump's name in headlines simply because a manager of a store in southeastern China abuses his workers.


The only thing that will save this paper is a bridge column and less of Susan Brown.


In regard to the Charlie Harper article on June 29 about schools, put discipline back in schools and give teachers the authority to have control of their classrooms instead of the students. The teachers’ hands are tied.


I like the new weather panel, thank you. And when you add historical information (this month year ago; last year this time) it will be really informative.