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Shoe report didn’t give the whole story

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  • Jul. 06, 2017 - 6:16 AM

In reading The Newnan Times-Herald, it is noticeable that you rely on The Associated Press (AP) for many of the stories that fill your pages. It might be wise to check these stories for obvious bias before they appear in your paper. I have noticed more than just a few which appear to be “gotcha” snippets, lacking either real depth or full truthfulness, especially when the subject is President Trump and his family.

Such an article appeared in the Wednesday (June 28th) edition of NTH, page 2, under the world news heading:  “Making Ivanka Trump shoes: Long hours, low pay and abuse.” Bias is quite evident, as it is on the internet “news” items from NBC, Bloomberg and Time regarding Mrs. Trump’s line of shoes.

After all, this plant in Ganzhou City makes 10-20,000 pairs of her branded shoes per year, one of 15 Chinese companies which supply Ivanka Trump shoes. The Trump company sells 20 million pairs of shoes per year, so this plant might account for 1 percent of the pairs of Ivanka Trump shoes sold worldwide.

The bias includes the implication that this plant produces shoes only for Mrs. Trump, when actually they produce shoes for 15 of the top 50 brands of leather shoes in the world, Trump’s being one of them.

Mrs. Trump’s company publishes standards for production of her named products. Obviously, this single company, based on three complaints, does not meet her standards. How droll for a country rife with labor problems.

Obviously, AP does not meet minimum journalistic standards. All the above information is easily available on the Internet. Maybe you need to “edit” the AP articles you print before they are printed.

James Stagg


Editor’s note: NTH does rely on The Associated Press for national and state news as well as sports coverage. We do not have the resources to research every story AP provides. If we did, we wouldn’t need a news service. While individual AP stories may be subject to criticism, overall, The Associated Press is well-respected by experts for its accuracy, objectivity and balance.