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Restaurant Inspections

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  • Jul. 20, 2017 - 6:27 AM

The Coweta Board of Environmental Health inspects all Coweta restaurants, schools and businesses that serve food several times each year.

Food inspections can be conducted during any hours of operation or whenever food is being prepped in the permitted establishment. Inspections are made at varying times to ensure that the food service rules and regulations are being followed. Some establishments have hours after 5 p.m., therefore inspections will be conducted when risk factors can be observed for compliance. Inspectors wear hairnets during checks to protect the food, which is also a requirement for those working around open food.

Using a 41-category checklist, an environmental health specialist checks compliance in safe handling of food, proper disposal of garbage, and other areas.

Beez Freeze, 7285 Highway 16, Suite F, Senoia -- was inspected on July 7 and received a score of 92-A. Inspector’s comments: Observed spray bottle in storage without label stating contents. Last inspection report not posted. Observed drip from top of mobile unit into red bucket located in food storage area. Observed garden hose running into open sewer drain to collect wastewater from permanent mobile unit. 

Benton House of Newnan Lakes, 25 Newnan Lakes, Newnan -- was inspected on July 3 and received a score of 85-B. Inspector’s comments: Observed ready-to-eat hotdogs and ham stored on bottom shelf with raw meat in two-door cooler. Observed open styrofoam cup with ice water on prep table. Soiled aprons hanging on food storage racks. Observed a can of oven cleaner stored beside single-use items and oatmeal. Observed buildup on walls in kitchen areas. Observed employee purse on food storage shelf. Observed staff without hair restraints. 

Brain Freeze, 10 Line Creek Road, Senoia -- was inspected on July 7 and received a score of 90-A. Observed handwash sink without towels nearby. A roll of paper towels was located near three-compartment dish sink which would contaminate this area when an employee washes hands and reaches across the sink. Observed home-use pesticide stored in prep area. Observed sanitizer over 400ppm. Observed sanitizer test strips for iodine but not for quat. Dumpster missing drain plug. 

Coweta County Prison Food Service, 101 Selt Road, Newnan -- was inspected on July 3 and received a score of 93-A. Inspector’s comments: Observed chemicals stored on dish shelf and on food prep table. Observed employee drinking cups stored over food prep areas and on food equipment. Observed unwashed produce stored above washed produce. 

Food for Thought Catering and Kitchen To Go, 51 Market Square Road, Suite E, Newnan -- was inspected on July 3 and received a score of 96-A. Bulk food items not labeled. Leak from ventilation pipe. Employee bottle water stored on prep table. 

IHOP, 630 Highway 34 E., Newnan -- was inspected on July 5 and received a score of 92-A. Inspector’s comments: Dried food particles on slicer, dicer, and wedger. Areas of low grout between floor tiles. 

JR’s BBQ, 191 Pine Road, Newnan -- was inspected July 5 and received a perfect score of 100-A. 

Something Special at Lillian Gardens, 83 Greenville Street, Newnan -- was inspected on June 26 and received a perfect score of 100-A.