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Letter writer missed the point

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  • Jul. 20, 2017 - 6:18 AM

In his letter “Shoe report didn’t give the whole story” published Jul 6, 2017, the writer points out that the shoe factory cited for long hours, low pay and abuse that Ms. Ivanka Trump Kushner’s company uses for her shoe product line only manufactures about 1 percent sold annually by her shoe line. Implying that this condition is acceptable because it “might account for 1 percent” of her shoe line is made in this plant under deplorable working conditions is analogous to someone saying that because one of his forebears didn’t own 40 slaves, he only owned one so it was all right to own and trade one human being as he would livestock.

Does the writer mean that 1 percent is not as egregious as if it was 40-50 percent? It’s her responsibility to ensure that all suppliers meet the highest standards – both the product quality and the treatment of workers. And merely publishing and disseminating standards isn’t enough. But the writer missed the larger point.

Ms. Kushner’s father ran in part on a platform of bringing jobs that have been outsourced overseas back to the United States. The letter writer also points out that this is only one of 15 Chinese companies her company uses to manufacture 20 million pairs annually. President Trump makes a public point every time he convinces a domestic company not to move manufacturing offshore. So why not set an example? Bring all her product manufacturing to the United States and really make good on his promise to “Make America Great Again,” not just talk about doing it.

Hank Wheeler