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Leave campus security to the pros

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  • Jul. 14, 2017 - 6:14 AM

I'm a rising ninth-grader who lives in Coweta County, and I will attend Northgate next year. I read the article in the paper about the "campus carry" law. 

I'm concerned about guns on college campuses. Some people might feel safer with this, but I feel like it will be more dangerous. I think we should leave campus security to the college administration and the police force. If people do not feel safe on campus, then perhaps that issue should be addressed by professionals, instead of by college kids carrying guns. I'm concerned about athletic events where emotions are very high and people are way too competitive. There is also lots of drinking at these events and that makes it even scarier for the people to carry guns.

I understand the Second amendment allows Americans to "bear arms." I don't think our founding fathers were envisioning college kids with guns. If college kids want to wage war against each other, let them do it with their fists. That way, they will probably live and not die young as a result of getting shot by a gun.

Safety on college campuses should be dealt with by professionals, not college kids.

I understand that many people have different opinions on this. Thank you for hearing my opinion.

Augie Fruechtenicht