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Keep ‘walker stalkers’ safe

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jul. 29, 2017 - 6:43 AM

We join most Coweta residents in welcoming the fans of “The Walking Dead” to see the places where this popular television show and zombie-themed movies are filmed. It’s a treat for us to show off our home, and we hope they’ll glimpse some of the other features that makes this such a great place to live.

That welcome includes courteous treatment by merchants, customer-service personnel and public servants. For the most part, that courtesy has been a hallmark of visits to Coweta County often remarked on by tourists and movie crews.

So, it is gratifying to have assurances from Senoia’s police chief that his officer was indeed respectful and courteous during a recent encounter with a “walker stalker.” The fan used the SenoiaGa page on Facebook to complain that the officer was rude in issuing a citation for walking in the middle of the road.

Well, hospitality includes ensuring the safety and wellbeing of guests. That means if they are walking in the middle of the road, they should be politely urged to move to the side. Unfortunately, sometimes folks need more than a gentle warning, and that’s when citations are appropriate.

To big-city visitors, Senoia seems like a sleepy crossroads that presents little danger of being run over. But its growth has been explosive, and much of its traffic these days is from newcomers and tourists who may not putter along when driving somnolent boulevards. Keeping pedestrians out of the middle of the road is as much a safety necessity as it is a convenience to residents.

Besides, courtesy is a two-way street, so to speak. It is not asking too much that our guests return our hospitality by respecting local rules and the officers tasked to enforce them, including the requirement to keep roadways clear for vehicular traffic.