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Health care is not a right

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  • Jul. 27, 2017 - 5:46 AM

Even as the present administration strives to repeal the disastrous Affordable Care Act (ACA), liberals can claim a victory of sorts. They inculcated in the public a “right” to health care.

That this “right” is absent in our Constitution is irrelevant. Government controls education and students are not taught the founding documents of our country.

Health care is not a right; it is a basic need. Until World War II health care was up to the individual. Only when government froze wages during the war did employers begin offering health care as a means of drawing workers. The seeds of health care issues began with government interference in business operations.

“Health care is too important to be left to the incompetent federal government…. Government generally destroys everything they touch. The government has never been able to run anything more efficiently than the for-profit private sector.”

Prior to WWII, charity was one source of aid to the less capable. Charities using “voluntary donations are the best way of helping the poor obtain health care, not government welfare that relies on force and coercion.”

Health insurance is not a panacea for poor health. Insurance under the ACA is another method of redistribution of wealth. Those who “don’t have” want to take away from those who do, a tenet of socialism. As demonstrated in the recent past (Greece, Italy, Spain, etc.), socialism fails in the long term. And class envy is a basis of communism. And both are anathema to American capitalism. Again, government controls the education process and students are not taught deductive reasoning.

Even when the ACA is repealed, social Democrats and progressives have succeeded in convincing uneducated Americans that health care is somehow their “right.” Conservatives are forced to develop an alternative to a plan that should never have risen in America. The Left wins again.

Ken Schaefer