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Coweta loves its hometown heroes

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  • Jul. 01, 2017 - 7:20 AM

In a simpler time, everyone looked up to the members of law enforcement, firefighting and first responders for some very good reasons, primarily their protection of the public. But the world has gotten more complicated recently.

The professional finger-pointers have manufactured social ills to blame our men and women in uniform for. It’s unfortunate that so much has been laid at the feet of those who do so much for the rest of us and yet are powerless to alter the societal problems they’re blamed for.

These police officers, troopers and deputies don’t make the laws they must enforce and maybe don’t necessarily agree with. Yet they do their jobs without complaint.

The firefighters don’t build the houses or assemble the automobiles they rescue us from. Yet, they are quickly there to save us.

The emergency medical technicians and paramedics don’t set health care policy or determine who gets preventative care. Yet, they never hesitate to devote their full energies to keeping us alive, even if we haven’t taken our medicine, exercised or followed our doctor’s orders.

Thank goodness these dedicated public servants refuse to let politics deter them from performing their duty on our behalf. Thank goodness that, while they can’t be deaf to the carping and accusations, they at least pretend to ignore them.

Well, today the silent majority is speaking up to let our hometown heroes know that we appreciate them. With us are the following businesses who chose to advertise in this special feature in today’s issue to join in showing support.

The Newnan Times-Herald is participating in this effort as well. Not only are we devoting multiple pages in our best-read issue of the week, but we are also donating 25 percent of each ad’s cost to the Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation, just as we’ve done in prior years.

Here are the businesses participating to show their special appreciation today:

92.5 The Bear

Arnall Grocery Company

Benton House

ByPass Body Shop

Charlie's Towing

Charter Bank

Coweta Charter Academy

Coweta Cities & County Employees Federal Credit Union

Coweta-Fayette EMC

Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Laser Center

Downtown Church of Christ

Friends of Lynn R. Smith, Inc.

Georgia Bone & Joint

Glamorous Nails

Jack Peek's Sales

Lindsey's Realtors

Matrix Insurance Agency, Inc.

Newnan Dermatology

Newnan First United Methodist Church

Norma Haynes


StoneBridge Early Learning Center

The Bedford School

The Cellar Chophouse & Bar

United Bank

Ward Law Office

Wishbone Fried Chicken