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Don’t over tax the more productive

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  • Jun. 15, 2017 - 5:35 AM

A recent opinion in the NTH opined on taxes and used the phrases “our fair share;” “top 1 percent,” and “benefits the wealthy.” 

This begs the question: Who decides what one’s fair share is? Is fair share everyone paying the same rate? That’s eminently reasonable, but jealousy and envy proscribe that. Instead underachievers demand the successful pay more. How is that fair? The argument that those with more should pay more is odious and conveys communist and socialist sympathy, and exposes the speakers’ envy and jealousy. 
Perhaps those with more have studied, worked, and sacrificed to get this “more.” As their reward the left demands they should be taxed more: their “fair share.”
Who starts new business? Those with “more.”
Who buys bigger homes and pays higher property taxes?
Who takes larger vacations and pays more recreation related taxes?
Who buys extra items for their bigger home and pays more sales taxes?
Who replaces autos more often and pays more sales taxes?
All these and others contribute a lot the economy and thence society, and as a thank you we should tax them more. How is that fair?
But logic has no place in the socialist argument because it isn’t about “fair” at all. It’s about those who can’t or won’t climb the ladder of success and instead try to knock down those who self-sacrificed to achieve a better life. 
It’s about laziness and the easy choice to be a pack member rather than better oneself because self-improvement takes discipline, self-actualization, and work. 
It’s about a society rewarding indolence and punishing achievement. 
“Our fair share,” “top 1 percent,” and “benefits the wealthy” all bespeak of leftist ideology and social antagonism. Perhaps if socialists would refocus their efforts on improving society, rather than fracturing it we’d all be better off.
Ken Schaefer