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Support these community centers

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  • May. 12, 2017 - 6:05 AM

A couple of weeks ago, a very nice lady invited me to spend a day at Bridging the Gap, a community-outreach center that helps people in need. I had the honor of meeting some very interesting people there.

I was also introduced to another community-outreach center called the Backstreet Arts Center located at the back of Bridging the Gap. They, too, were filled to overflowing with friendly and interesting people.

Backstreet Arts Center welcomes all walks of people to come in and engage in some type of creative artwork, drawing, painting, beadwork, etc. The center even provides all the tools and stuff needed.

There is a volunteer artist with whatever skill set you may need to assist you. This is an amazing place, and I shall devote my day off, Tuesday, to taking advantage of this great opportunity to learn a skill and spend time with positive, friendly people.

Should you have time on your hands and need something to do, come visit the Bridging the Gap and Backstreet Art community centers. I surely intend to be there.

Mr. Personality