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Sound Off

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  • May. 14, 2017 - 6:20 AM

House passes/repeals Obamacare. Congratulations you finally "did" it. I am very pleased that the Republicans got it together and passed an important piece of legislation. Now let's move on to tax reform, then to finally build the border wall and let's deport all these whiny, crying snowflake liberals. Oh, by the way "snowflakes" melt away into nothing but H20.

I don't understand why the NTH continues to print the self-absorbed, egocentric articles by Scott Ludlow. OK, you're a runner, you travel, blah, blah; who gives a rat's rear end? If you're going to be a Me-monster at least start doing something worth reading about.

Come on people... If you are going to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, please, please lay off the drugs, the alcohol, and put down those cell phones. If not for your own safety, then for the safety of everyone else on the road. How many people have lost their life so far this year on our roads? Five? Six? That is five or six too many. Pay attention and let's stop the murder on our roads.

Speaking of climate, I really wish the CCSS Board would take a close look at the weather over the past few days with only three weeks of school left and compare it to the temps when the students return at the beginning of August and make appropriate and necessary changes to the school year calendar.

My family enjoyed running in the annual Race for the Orphans. It was a well-organized event for a great cause.

How ironic that our new congressman stands for a photo op with 20 cancer-surviving children in DC last week, and the next day he votes on a death sentence for them because they have pre-existing conditions under the proposed Trump health plan.

Hillary Clinton lost the race the first time to an African American who, in my opinion, did not care about being an American for America. Hillary lost the second time because the middle class is very tired of bailing out the poor here and the rest of the world, plus we need strong borders, period. Hillary you are a two-time loser; just please go away with your millions and go back to Arkansas.

Wow, so we go ahead and say OK to changing a street name after being denied. Well, if you were going to give in, why didn't you just give the OK from the start?

The last thing the Republican party needs is another Watergate scandal. Trump’s firing of the FBI Director smells darn fishy. The GOP needs to divorce from this toxic mess and save itself. Will Drew Ferguson join other Republicans calling for an independent investigator, or will he wimp out again?

What is LINC short for? Anything? Why on earth would the city name the potential trail something that dumb if it isn't an acronym? Lacking Intelligent Naming Committee, maybe?

Jefferson Davis was a traitor to his country who turned on it simply because he wanted to own human beings and preserve white supremacy. No more, no less.

Here's a quick quiz, which of the following pairs or things do not go together?: right and left, up and down, chicken and dumplings, liberals and honesty, or liberals and work.