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Sound Off

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  • May. 12, 2017 - 6:03 AM

I see it didn’t take much to bend the council in the other direction on the street name change. Typical politicians.

I hope these planned "improvements" to Lower Fayetteville Road don't spoil its "charming, rural character," as a former commissioner famously said.

On the issue of Bohannon Drive: As William Shakespeare might say, "What's in a name, a peach by any other name would smell as sweet," or something like that.

The Peoples’ Republic of California should build their own fence. They must include several of their socialist neighbors who will help them pay for the the fence, and all the promises made to leave when Trump was elected must go also. Several TV personalities promised to pay their one-way travel fare. They leave or lie.

A huge thank you to the gentleman who bought groceries for the teenager and her grandparents Monday evening at Publix. May God bless you for your kindness.

To solve a murder, just attend the memorial service and arrest whoever's weeping most loudly.

Susan Brown's recent NTH column, "Cleaning up Democrats health care mess" is so far removed from reality it makes one wonder what planet she lives on. Republicans have had since Lincoln became president in 1861 to come up with a plan of their own, and almost seven years to replace or fix Obamacare. Health care was a mess before the ACA, and the GOP's replacement offers complete chaos. 

If Susan Brown is the best conservative editorial writer the NTH can find, then there is a serious void of quality conservative writers. The two columns from her that you recently published were beyond ridiculous, such that they should be labeled "fake news.”

Last Saturday, May 6th, I was at Aldi store in line with two items. A young lady let me go in front of her. As I was preparing to pay the bill, she insisted on paying the bill. As a senior and a veteran, thank you. We still have good people here.