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Sound Off

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  • May. 19, 2017 - 11:03 PM

Welcome home and thanks for your service, Devil Doc. I value the opinion of any combat vet and support your First Amendment right to speak your mind. Don't let the snowflake's misunderstanding of freedom of speech silence you. Semper Fi.

Ex-President Obama commuted over 200 sentences right before he left office for murderers, drug lords, Oscar Rivera (a terrorist), U.S. traitors, income tax evaders, thieves and other scum of society. Why? Because he is a left-leaning liberal whose agenda is to protect those kinds of individuals. No morals, no honor, no respect, no religion, no family values, that's why. The left's political agenda is to destroy the very fabric that this country was founded on.

When Audie Murphy was young, there also would be an uproar by society at large if people of color dared to be in the same spaces as whites and literally had laws to protect their snowflake feelings, too.

First: If you call political opponents names, you already lost all credibility. Second: Don't underestimate the importance of water. The majority of our earth and our bodies are water. We can't live without it. Therefore, snowflakes are more valuable than you might ever think.

Thank you, NTH & J.B. Butcher for recognizing the non-support of our law enforcement through the recent actions of the magistrate judge. It is a known fact that this man in all of his career has made a practice of not supporting law enforcement personnel. His past records confirm this.

The argument against name-calling in Sound Offs isn't about political correctness or not offending people. Name-calling is juvenile. If your arguments have merit, they should stand without it.