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​Negative Sound Offs

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  • May. 10, 2017 - 11:10 PM

Never have I seen so many negative, name-calling letters in the Sound Off as today, Thursday, May 4th.  Why is it that someone cannot have a different opinion or political view without someone calling them names (snowflakes, crazy loon) or insulting them (swimming in Kool-Aid)?  

As far as Obama being a traitor, what fact did you base this accusation on, what treasonous act did he commit? And what specific crime did he commit for which he should be in jail? Give us the facts, not your personal opinion.  

And just because George Soros donated money to the Climate March doesn't mean he is benefitting from it. It means he believes in protecting our environment and is willing to support it financially. And it is a movement of the people because the majority of Americans want clean air and water and would like their grandchildren to know what a tree looks like.

Call me a snowflake if you want (I happen to think snowflakes are good people who care about the environment, other people and principals before the almighty dollar). But I am not afraid to sign my name.

Barbara Grosse