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Subs do more than babysit

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  • Apr. 22, 2017 - 9:46 PM

Regarding the Sound Off comment, "substitute teachers, all you do is babysit,” I had the honor and pleasure to "babysit" for over eight years and was well regarded by teachers and students alike and was often requested. 

With an educational background in math and science, and a professional career that required the practical use of both, along with the training and ability to instruct, I was well-qualified to not only "babysit" but to teach. I helped many a student understand the meaning of processes involved in everything from math to art. 

Most of the subs working today are retired with similar credentials. By the way, long-term subs are involved in preparing lesson plans. The school system along with parents and students are fortunate to find people like us who are willing to "give back" for $11.19 per hour.  

Additionally, how many of you have ever tried "babysitting" a class of 30 sixth-graders, many of whom with behavioral problems?

Dennis Thompson