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Sound Off

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  • Apr. 16, 2017 - 2:02 AM

We live in one of the best counties in the area. Our educational scores are always some to brag about. Then why does the school system build a mega bus barn and not pay retired teachers with advanced degrees who substitute in the county classrooms more than $11.11 per hour? Isn’t our experience worth more than that?

To the person who says Republicans are "destroying the world" and are "racists," "bigots," "uneducated" and "filled with hate." It seems to me that liberal Democrats were the ones rioting and burning cars and breaking storefront windows when someone simply tried to offer a differing opinion in Berkeley.

To the person who sees white man’s success and says, “You owe us a lot,” don’t put all whites in that category. I’ve worked my whole life and have little to show for it. I only owe you what you owe me: kindness and respect.

The politicians some people elect tells me all I need to know about them. You can know which cities and states to avoid by the politicians elected.

I didn't know you needed a degree from Auburn to work at a Waffle House.

Many of us combat veterans are deeply concerned that Democratic and Republican Congress members are always smiling when coming out of meetings, committees and hearings. Until things are compromised on, no more "fake" smiles. Do the people's business, shut up, and remember that it's not about you members, and just get the job done for once.

Nothing that has come out of the mouth of President 45 has quite been the truth yet. Your word is your bond? This character has already proven without any doubt that his word means nothing and he is devoid of even a grain of integrity. You support that, and call yourself a patriot?

It's very sad that when you are walking in the Coweta County new Courthouse and all you hear are the Deputies hollering, laughing, and not paying attention to anything going on around them. Very unprofessional if you ask me.

Great letter from Matthew Pearce regarding Trump's EPA cuts. The proposed budget cuts to this vital department will cause so much harm and to see some of the negative impact on the local economy was very informative.