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Sound Off

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  • Apr. 21, 2017 - 12:37 AM

Smokey Road Middle School used to be a great school. Now it's full of thugs that administration won't address or support the teachers. Half the teachers are quitting. And to top it off, the largest eyesore of a bus depot is being built right in front of the school. Good job Coweta BOE.

To Coweta County Schools: Per today's presidential executive order, it is now "illegal" to hire illegals in positions such as paraprofessionals in the county. You must hire "Americans" and you have a bunch who has put in applications with degrees and was turned down. Be smart; Hire Americans.

All these firefighters’ cars are being broken into while they protect us. What is the city doing to protect their property? That's the lowest of the low.

Did you know there is a sign at the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Andrew Bailey for drivers turning right onto 34 that says they must yield to the drivers making U-turns on the green arrow? Maybe it needs to be bigger and in bold print because obviously it is being ignored.

The article on LINC gave me the impression that we the people are getting this, period. Businessmen Avery and Thomasson are proceeding as though they were authorized to move forward. Also saying "with leftover sales tax funds for parks” this fund could be used. Are the SPLOSTs being used to pursue other desires? Maybe it’s time to reconsider these funds.

Regarding Matthew Pearce's criticism of Drew Ferguson for not holding town halls: They are for people to be civil by asking questions, not disrespectful and rude. I am disappointed in how the liberals are reacting. Look at the Dems in Congress. Their actions have been inconsiderate and self-absorbed. Just wish we would give the new administration a chance.

Matthew Pearce: Ferguson should not face the liberal, George Soros-paid protesters in a public personal town hall meeting. Find something else to whine about.