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​Ferguson should face the public in a personal town hall meeting

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  • Apr. 19, 2017 - 12:59 AM

With Congress in recess and representatives enjoying time away from Washington with their families, now is the time to see democracy in work, and I sincerely hope Rep. Drew Ferguson, R-Ga., engages in it.

Regardless of which side of the ideological spectrum you fall on, the opportunity to meet with your representative in the town hall setting should be a fundamental part of the democratic process.

While this may seem like an attempt to channel liberal and progressive energy that has been prominent across the country, especially on the back of the early blow to the atrocious American Health Care Act, it is an issue with a much wider scope.

Whether Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, the opportunity to either agree or disagree with the district representative is a fundamental factor in our genuine representation. Something that we should all be hoping for.

Having understandably not held a true town hall in the initial congressional recess, Mr. Ferguson is now establishing a voting record and clear stances on important and pressing national issues.

With four votes and an introduced piece of legislation, the freshman 3rd District congressman is now in the position to be legitimately questioned or confirmed by his constituents.

This should be done in conjunction multiple other community connections. This is the beauty of the democracy we live in. While 68.3 percent of this district voted for Ferguson and his platform in November of last year, the constant movement and flow of national and regional interests should provide enough interest in discussing these developments with our representative.

A lot has been made of the protest and resistance events that were prevalent across the country during the first congressional recess. However, I am under no illusion that a stirring event such as that could happen in Newnan, West Point or LaGrange. However, this doesn’t mean it is a fruitless endeavor.

Whether you voted for Ferguson or voted for Democrat Angela Pendley last fall, you should have a desire to ensure that Ferguson is best representing your beliefs in how this country should be run.

More important, he should want to hear from us, whether he faces tough questions on the health care debacle that he voted to pass out of the House Budget Committee on March 16 or hears support for his first piece of legislation that is aimed at preventing unlawful individuals from claiming the Child Tax Credit without providing a valid Social Security number.

This is not intended as a partisan attack or a demand aimed at a representative whose stances on most issues I disagree with.

I only intend to defend the institutions that have become so challenged over the last months. One of those is that of democracy and the role of representation. We are fortunate to live in the finest example of democracy and the purest experiment in representation the world has ever seen.

With an expanding role over his first three months in Washington and the beginning of his legislation-introducing career, I hope that Ferguson will be open and excited to engage in the democracy we all enjoy.  

(Matthew Pearce is a communications professional living in Coweta County.)