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A inventory’s life provides a life lesson

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  • Apr. 28, 2017 - 6:16 AM

There was a very interesting obituary in the news the other day concerning Robert W. Taylor, age 85.

He was a key architect of our modern world. Perhaps no one deserves more credit for the world-changing technological leap than Robert W. Taylor. He was a key figure in the design of the forerunner of the personal computer and played a vital role in the invention of the computer mouse.

All of these great inventions is not what got my attention. It was his birth on Feb. 10, 1932, in Dallas, Texas, and he was adopted 28 days later in San Antonio by the Rev. Raymond Taylor and his wife Audrey. This is what came to my mind: When we destroy the unborn, we destroy the contribution they could have made to mankind. Plus, we destroy something made in God’s image. They could have been great and wonderful people in all areas of life; they could have discovered a cure for a horrible disease; they could have excelled in science, art, medicine, sports, you name it.

One of the true heroes in this story is Robert Taylor's birth mother who, for some reason, could not keep him and gave him up for adoption to a couple who could love and raise him.


Thomas Tucker Brayton