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Students: Support E-SPLOST

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  • Mar. 18, 2017 - 6:31 PM

As students at three local high schools, we have seen firsthand some of the needs that ESPLOST can help address.

At East Coweta High School, both students and teachers have experienced the common issue of a slow network, often hearing that “the Wi-Fi is down, again.” Technology at schools is incredibly important today, a means of communication between teachers and students.

Many students have online files such as Google Docs, and Google Classroom and Edmodo are utilized by both students and teachers. All of these require an Internet connection, and with sometimes 3,000 people on the network, it tends to crash.

Recently, routers capable of holding up to 40 devices were installed in every classroom, and students and staff throughout Coweta County have been given Chromebooks to use. Not only does this solve the problem for the network crashes, but it has also provided underprivileged students with a device to complete their assignments. Chromebooks have also given students a way to be able to learn more effectively and in different ways. We are able to work as teams to do more projects because we all have the same computer and the ability to easily get in touch with each other.

At Newnan High School, ESPLOST has helped fund ninth-grade building construction and renovations, and it also funds such things such as transportation, facility repairs and technology.

Northgate High School is planning a renovation in the next year. Without ESPLOST funds, the school might not have the resources available to go forward with improvements. The gym currently has no air conditioning, and athletes know personally how this hampers their performance.

Because of ESPLOST, our community now has improved networks at school, new Chromebooks to utilize, air-conditioned buses, covered breezeways, and plans for much-needed renovations. The funding that every school receives goes toward bettering the conditions of schools as well as increasing security for students and staff. ESPLOST ensures that we are in a comfortable and safe environment as we learn, and we encourage the residents of Coweta County to vote to renew it.

Elizabeth Alexander, Newnan High School

Megan Czerwinski, Northgate High School

Sam Huynh, East Coweta High School