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Sound Off

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  • Mar. 18, 2017 - 3:04 AM

Anybody who does not want to see what Donald Trump and his cronies are hiding from us through Russia needs their head examined. All intelligence reports point to Putin and some shady deals by "The-Deal-Maker." The president goes out of his way not to mention Russia, Putin or intel in the same sentence, tweet or press secretary translation.

I laughed when I read the Sound Off about the "corrupt and ungodly" "socialist/dems." There are plenty of examples of that across the board. All you have to do to see them is get out of your bubble.

Russian connection: Hillary selling 20 percent of America's uranium to Russia for contributions to the Clinton foundation. Obama tells the Russian ambassador that I can do what I want after the 2012 election. FBI cleared Trump of any wrongdoing.

The decision on the behavioral hospital on Hospital Road should not be pending. Lots of people say that the old hospital should be for a children's hospital. That way parents won't have to go to Atlanta children’s hospitals. The building beside the old hospital could be doctor’s offices for children.

Great to hear from liberals in Letters to the Editor. She's right; they are out there in larger numbers than one would suspect.

If the City and County can build a roundabout at Five Points, what is taking the State so long to build one at Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 54? It has been talked about for years.

Why not make the abandoned end of short Gordon Road a walking trail?

What’s with the two wooden crosses someone put by the deer carcasses on Hwy. 34 near the Summit YMCA? I guess that person didn’t have the same reaction to their deaths that I did, which was, “That’s two deer that won’t be eating my hosta.”

Does this country operate on compassion or law? If it’s compassion, then open all the jails and prison doors for compassion. If we are to continue to be a country of law, enforce the law, and include all the illegals who are criminals and subject to the law.