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Sound Off

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  • Mar. 17, 2017 - 6:49 AM

Why don't the 15 businessmen who are going to dress up in women's clothes and make a fool of themselves for whatever good cause, just write a generous check. With some of our youth struggling with their gender identity, this is collaborating with madness. – Not a good example.

Why does health care have to be so complicated? The Republican plan is going to hurt a lot of people. Medicaid has shown that it reduces medical costs. Put everyone on Medicaid. If people want more insurance, they can buy it.

The world might be a whole lot better off if prune juice came in those little sippy boxes.

Great salary: Did you know that Coweta County provides a supplement to the sheriff that equals 5 percent of the sheriff’s state-established salary during the first term and 10 percent of the sheriff’s state-established salary during the second term or any terms thereafter? Hmmm, wonder what's the current salary of our long-time, voter-elected sheriff?

All the blunders Trump has made in the last 110 days and the Times-Herald has become silent. For eight years, every week you bashed Obama with no merit. The Republicans have become the lowest leaders of all time. They have put a puppet in place to lead America, and the ventriloquists are dummies also.

Read article on MSN news that said, "We in USA will have to await until ISIS takes over Europe before we become concerned about vetting refugees.” As usual we don't care until we have a crisis.

Minimum wage is not a handout; it is not welfare; It is a means to allow workers to earn a livable wage. Since all companies are affected equally, it keeps a level playing field so that one company cannot sell their product or service cheaper by exploiting its employees.

When is the Clark Street/Temple Avenue corridor going to be taken down and completely resurfaced? The constant patching is about as rough on vehicles as the potholes they cover.