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Sound Off

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  • Mar. 16, 2017 - 2:52 AM

Charles Davis' commentary implies that news reporters aren't influenced by the editorial stance of their employer. He ignores the fact that news reporters may feel the need to slant their reporting in order to keep their jobs, or may have been hired in the first place because their views were consistent with their employer's views.

Recent lessons learned in the criminal justice system of Coweta County are as follows: Perjury is okay if you do it for the prosecution. The truth will not be tolerated from a defendant even with alibi witnesses who put you in another area of the state.

There really are sites with made-up (fake) news. has an article on them. Articles in the "mainstream media" aren't fake just because you don't want to believe them.

Dennis McEntire of Newnan Utilities writes letter in support of ESPLOST. This same man who has stated that the new compost of Hwy. 34 West won't smell. Guess what? Your compost does smell, for I live just across the street from it, and so does your letter. I vote the opposite of what you say.

To the person responding to Mr. Jones' editorial - I assume you are also speaking about CSPAN, NPR, BBC and the AP - being they all report the same news as the ones you've mentioned as "Fake News." So, that leaves just Fox and Breitbart as newsworthy? I don't think so. Just because you don't like, or agree, with what the majority is reporting, doesn't mean it's fake. Do your research.

Mr. Westmoreland. Run for governor, you've got my vote.

How many more innocent lives will die before we see changes to the speeding/reckless driving on Cedar Creek Road and Happy Valley Circle? The area residents feel very unsafe being on the roads.

It would be nice if a policeman came to the roundabout on Hwy. 16/Hwy. 54 to show people how to use it. Yield means yield. Cars are not supposed to go one right after the other. Yield and take turns.

The 2017 Friends of Wadsworth Concert was an amazing evening guided by Courtenay Budd. Ms. Budd has the genuine ability to make friends, family, and strangers alike feel at home. At times during the concert, Ms. Budd appears as if talking to friends in her own living room. The program was balanced and dynamic. A jewel.

There is a 1960s, dilapidated Volkswagen bus that has been parked on Spring Street for the past three weeks. The owner of the vehicle, I’ve been told, works for the church located on Greenville Street. It gets moved periodically from spot to spot but always on Spring Street. Because it gets parked and not moved, it takes up parking from actual downtown Newnan customers.