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​LINC would benefit only special interests

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Mar. 30, 2017 - 7:58 PM

What do dog parks, skate parks, roadway expansions for bicycles, and concrete highways through the woods all have in common? They siphon-off public funds for special projects that less than 2 percent of those who pay for these initiatives actually utilize them.

The Newnan LINC path project is the latest special-interest promotion envisioning 25 miles, at a mere $20 million, to acquire, clear, and pour a 10-12 foot concrete thoroughfare (with a required yellow center line for those with right-of-way issues) in order to meet the needs of the jogging enthusiast and attract young executives by offering them the illusion they are living in Virginia Highlands without the occasional mugging.

This is Coweta County's latest attempt to mimic the ingenious planning model of the Peachtree City forefathers. Peachtree City is famous for their 93 miles of paved recreational paths enjoyed by pedestrians, bicyclists, and of course, golf carts. Yet those groups leading the planning of the LINC systems want little to do with golf carts or shared-use pathways (those adjacent to pre-existing roadways), catering only to the joggers, which logically reduces the utilization factor, but hey, when did logic ever play a part of political motivations?

When you intend on requesting private businesses to offset the drain on the SPLOST funding, the law of unintended consequences kicks in, diminishing the charitable philanthropic participation due to the finite discretionary budgets of these community businesses. A dollar here won't be a dollar there.

And is it any wonder why citizens have such a contemptuous view of wasteful SPLOST pet-projects? Tax dollars should be used to benefit the whole, not grease the squeals of a few.

Ask the special-interest leadership to bear the brunt of the cost and watch the ire of the entitlement minority roar.

Lucas Pepperdine

Newnan, GA.