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Ignore scare tactics used to push ESPLOST

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Mar. 18, 2017 - 6:30 PM

It’s disturbing that voters are once again being asked again to renew the “one-time,” “It’s only a penny” ESPLOST.     

This tax originated years ago due to “budgetary problems,” often a result of wasteful or excessive spending by local school officials, including high pension costs and excessive personnel costs. Voters had a rare opportunity years ago to cure the problem, but it should have gone away after the initial amount was raised and the budget problem(s) solved.

Some in the local business community, using the local newspaper, have urged you to continue to support this tax that was touted as a “one-time tax.” Ignore the scare tactics used to attempt voters into supporting this tax; their friendly sounding terms begin with “it’s only a few cents a day,” “it’s a one-time tax.” Their design is to show that anyone who is opposed must be a cheapskate.

Taxpayers should neither tolerate nor be intimidated by such scare tactics. With all this ESPLOST money, do you wonder where the monies in the general fund go? We get so many dollars from ESPLOST, the school board can spend the general fund money for pet projects or programs, it’s their option to spend it as they please. It’s time for the school board to formulate a budget and stick to it.  

Unfortunately, our local elected officials believe that raising taxes is an acceptable “solution” to a budgetary “problem.” I urge you, go to the polls March 21 and vote no on this issue.

R. Green