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Column critical of ‘medical marijuana’ is uninformed

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  • Mar. 24, 2017 - 1:17 AM

I am writing today to ask why you'd publish incorrect and unfounded information in your publication? Virginia Galloway's article regarding March 22 “Georgia Republicans set to enact Soros-funded marijuana expansion” is full of absolute lies. Her opinion is not an educated one and has zero substance to it. She calls marijuana "dope" - marijuana is not dope. She has zero educational references backing up her "claims" and is so blinded by what the media and government have told her and the rest of America that she comes across as just plain ignorant.

She really thinks that 5 percent THC is a lot? Let me tell you, as a medical-marijuana patient in Arizona, 5 percent THC is nothing; it wouldn't make any adult high, even one that's not ever used marijuana before. She thinks 5 percent THC is dangerous. One alcoholic drink has more of an effect on a person than using 5 percent THC marijuana.

The "opinion" should be taken down. It's full of incorrect information, lies and is written in such a way that is so ridiculous I don't know how anyone could believe a word of it - at least someone that's educated anyways.

This kind of content is what's wrong with society's and the government's understanding of marijuana. Marijuana is saving lives like mine, and millions of others worldwide. Is she aware that medical marijuana is saving children’s lives? Children with cancer, epilepsy, autism and severe/chronic disorders benefit from medical marijuana every day. Science has proven for centuries that medical marijuana is beneficial and has medicinal use.

She says that legalization is going to endanger families and children. Is she aware that you cannot die from using marijuana? It is impossible to die from marijuana use, impossible. There are zero recorded marijuana deaths in the history of the world.

How can your publication allow someone to write such garbage, lies and ridiculous information?

Sarah Parfitt

Tempe, Arizona