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Woodham is right, Butcher wrong

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  • Feb. 16, 2017 - 2:06 AM

I stand with letter-writer Martha Woodham in her response to the “hate” column she referred to by Joe Butcher. It took women a very long time to achieve the rights they now have, and women have no intention of going back. Considering Mr. Butcher’s age, it is not surprising he would have such opinions.

There are still many “old” men who would like obedient, subservient, and silent women as women

were required to be back in his day. There is no doubt, however, that he could have expressed his

feelings without such venom. (Yes, it is his right to do so.)

Fortunately, most old and young men have changed with the times. The men, brothers, and uncles

marching with the women don’t live in the past. Yes, women have most of the rights as men do now, but some things still remain hard to achieve.

Women from Coweta County participated in the Washington March. How many people know that some of these women from Coweta County got on a bus one day, rode all night long, marched in Washington, then boarded the bus for an all-night ride back home?

The Washington March was a march for equality for all. These women were from very different economic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. So much for the use of the word “privileged” as a “one size fits all” for marchers.

Admiration is what these Coweta County Washington Marchers deserve.

Polly Garlington