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Why didn’t liberals protest Obama?

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  • Feb. 17, 2017 - 5:00 AM

I'm personally fed up with radicals, anarchists, left-leaning progressives, screaming Hollywood egos, excessive fake news, destructive demonstrations in the streets on college campuses and high schools. I have seen enough interviews with these people to cause me great concern with their rabid and often incorrect political views. I'm fed up with those who think free speech is only for them and all other opposing views are to be silenced.                                                                             

We now see riots, protests, angry hateful speech against Trump's immigration policy. My question is: Where were these demonstrators when Obama was in office?" I have recently read where Obama has deported more illegals than any other president. I did a research.

It is disturbing that so many seek to destroy this man any way they can. They don't even want to give him a chance.

Sandra Kanode