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Toll lanes equal double taxation

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  • Feb. 17, 2017 - 5:02 AM

A new highway Express Lane recently opened with more coming. In my analysis…

The state forcibly takes money from citizens (taxes) and builds a roadway. It then charges the people again for the use of their road (tolls); in fact, price gouges with rising demand (dynamic pricing).

When gasoline was scarce, Gov. Deal commented on his executive order: “(It’s) simply to point out to the public that we have a statute on the books in Georgia that makes it illegal to price gouge in times of emergency…” Regarding increased pricing, the Georgia Department of Transportation stated it, “could be a lot more if there's a backup or crash in the main lanes” i.e., in an emergency. 

The state’s excuse is business growth. Hmm… Who issues permits to build, open, and run a business? Government. Who controls zoning? Tax incentives? The roads? Government. Who could have prevented the situation from becoming a problem? You guessed it. (Are we sensing a theme here?)

Ken Schaefer