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Sound Off

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  • Feb. 16, 2017 - 2:04 AM

I voted for President Trump, and I am very glad he won. This is the first president I can remember who is actually working to try to do everything he promised he would, in spite of the liberals trying to disrupt all the positive moves for our country.

Walter Krauth III: You don't need $41k a year to afford a $1,000 a month apartment. My mother-in-law lives in one that is $1,200 a month, and she makes less the $20k a year. She is on Social Security at a fixed income. She lives very well because she manages her money. She buys her groceries, pays her car insurance etc. She doesn't have a EBT card.

While it's true that our community has grown and changed, it's incorrect to assume the current political climate is conservative versus liberal. The NTH needs to recognize that many Republicans, many Christians, and many lifelong Newnanites are horrified by what's happening at the White House with the Trump "agenda."