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Sound Off

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  • Feb. 15, 2017 - 6:24 AM

Alex McRae found humor in a made-up story about a giant killer octopus. The really scary thing is that there are people who believe other "fake news" and use it to affect how they vote.

Dear Amanda, well, you sure told us why you went to Washington to march and all the things you are unhappy about, and then you lectured all of us white, American, Christian straight people and told us what was wrong with us. I bet the people in Senoia sure hated to see you go, but you will fit in up in Atlanta a lot better.

Thank goodness that Coweta/Newnan can still produce such intelligent women as Martha Woodham and Amanda Dennis.

Ms. Dennis' explanation of why she marched in Washington was so well written. We must "use our privileged voices to speak for those who can't."

It's sad that there are folks out there that are so against progress, from something as simple as learning how to drive in a roundabout to something a bit more complex like a pathways trail system. If my ancestors had listened to the naysayers, we never would have left continental Europe. Control your future. Don't be a victim. Stop sticking your head in the sand.

The 11-year-old shot by a 2-year-old, another great example of why irresponsible people should not be allowed to carry a gun nor have children.