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Sound Off

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  • Feb. 12, 2017 - 1:16 AM

Ken Schaefer's brutal assessment of what typically happens with affordable housing hit the bullseye. Contractors have a lot of fixed costs, so it makes no sense for them to build lower-priced houses. And subsidies to create so-called affordable housing subsidize businesses that don't pay a livable wage. And finally, there is no societal standard of acceptable behavior and behavior anymore, especially among lower income.

The Newnan Times-Herald is in bed with the local "Good Old Boys" gang, yet publishes the liberal Associated Press articles. The AP must give you a cheap rate to fill your pages with their distorted trash.

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that two-lane Gordon Road, engineered decades ago, has a posted speed limit of 55 mph, yet the new section of the bypass is only posted at 45? Go figure.

Wake up, Sharpsburg. Why should the park be different? Look at the empty and deserted downtown area… Looks like a town "Gone With the Wind"; well, gone it is! With proper development and promotion, the old shops could be a real attraction. Other towns have done it.

Love the variety of opinions from the right and the left. Ensuring the First Amendment is upheld is important. We can all learn something from those whose views differ from our own.

Didn't realize Sally Yates had ties to Coweta County. Good for her. The attorney general's job is to uphold the Constitution, not to blindly follow the president. Sen. Jeff Sessions said so.

Special Election - Mar. 21st - Please vote yes to the Education SPLOST Tax. Example of how it helps - adding locks on the inside of every classroom door, so the teachers can lock the students in if there's a lockdown. The safety of the 23,000 children in our public schools is worth the 1-cent tax you are already paying. It's only up for renewal. It's not an additional tax.

Congratulations to Christy on her new Christy's Cafe location on Jackson street! Including other places you've worked, thank you for serving us meals downtown for over 20 years. Best of luck and you're a great asset to historic downtown Newnan.

So the city wants to put in a recreational trail at the cost of $700,000 to $800,000 per mile? Really? I could think of more worthy causes for this kind of money.